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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 28, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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to pick up, southbound 101 from embarcardero road to shoreline that will be out of the lanes shortly. kristen and eric? >> victimming news, the santa cruz sheriff is planning another news conference on the shootout that killed two officers. mourners gathered in a show of sympathy and grief. cornell bernard is live at the santa cruz police department. >> moving tribute grows at santa cruz police headquarters people are bringing flowers, cards, candles, a memorial to two police officers killed in the line of duty. last night an outpouring of emotion as the community came together to mourn and to share thoughts and prayers about the two courageous officers, detective sergeant particularren butch baker and elizabeth butter who were ambushed and killed by a man accused of sexual assault. we are learning more information of the terrifying moments after the shooting, the scene on
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tuesday shows a fire truck responding to the call for help moments after that happened, the shooter goulet returned to the area and fired at officers and firefighters helped the citizens take cover and shield add woman on the ground. the firefighter who did this heroic act did itselflessly to protect them. that is what we are here for, the heroic efforts of the officers that went this to do their job and lost their lives. they the heroes. >> we are learning the suspect goulet wore body armored and fired at officers at his home. he took their guns and stole sergeant baker's car and would later be killed in a gunfight with police. we were here yesterday with a few flowers and cards and you can see how much the memorial has green if the last 24 hours. santa cruz police officers returned to work today after taking yesterday to mount their colleagues. a scheduled news conference
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happening at 11:30 this morning. we are live in santa cruz. >> the it teen is looking to the past of the shooter goulet and turned up details on his peeping tom arrest and his military service record. the pentagon has release the documents detailing goulet's service in the marine corps for six years and he was in the army for three years from 2004 to 2007, and was convicted of being a peeping tom in oregon, santa cruz police arrest logs show he was picked up on friday for disorderly conduct and told the it teen the sergeant baker and detective butler were looking for goulet to question him about breaking into a co-workers home and making inappropriate advances towards her. that is when they were shot. stay with abc for continuing coverage of the santa cruz officers killed and you can always get updates any time on our facebook page abc7 news and you can also find us on
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twitter@abc7news bay area. >> an 11-year-old boy has been missing since monday. miles never returned to the foster home after school on monday. he could be with his birth mother. she does not have a known address but is frequently seen in the east bay. anyone with information about miles should contact police. >> new details this morning on the search for the prime suspect in the las vegas shooting that claimed the life of an oakland man. police released this video of ammar harris, less tattoos than an early shot. the video was shot by him in his bathroom bragging about his money. the 26-year-old is wanted in the death of three people last week including condition any clutch, an aspiring rapper from oakland, his real name was concern negligent -- kenneth cherry jr.
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katie? >> in california sequester cuts could be 64,000 workers are furloughed and 1,200 teaching and teacher aide jobs at risk and fly delays and fewer vaccines for kids. president obama this morning is saying people will not feel the full effect right away. also this morning, he is backing off the most severe warning, at a dynel we are business leaders rather than calling the cuts a fiscal cliff, president obama described the fallout of more of a tumble down work. $85 billion is coming out of the economy in less than 48 hours unless lawmakers can compromise. >> i have not seen things done in two days in washington, dc in some time. on the other hand, the good news is the public is paying attention to this and we are still ready to work with them to get something responsible passed.
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we can't do it alone. >> that was katie marzullo. >> he said democrats must accept some changes to government entitlement programs. the nonpartisan congressional budget office is weighing in and it finds the white house-backed legislation in the senate would raise the deficit through the end of the budget year by tens of billions. live in the newsroom for abc7 news. >> oakland mayor is focused on adding 200 new police officers to help the city combat crime. last night the mayor made the state at the city address and say they are targeting the most violent people in the city, more civilians will take police reports so officers can spend more time fighting crime and she says the newest most diverse police academy is ready and if training. >> it means for 200 more officers, $73 million for the budget. what does that noon?
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>> it will take something big, probably a tax measure, that is the kind of thing we need to talk about. >> she did not talk about how much taxpayers' money or how much taxpayers will have to shell out for more police officers. public safety is 50 percent of the city's budget and the mayor says residents are going to have to make some tough decisions. >> inspectors will be out assessing damage to a san francisco neighborhood caused by massive water main break. you first saw it here yesterday on abc7 news with massive water and mud swallowing cars and homes. workers will repair 15th avenue where the flooding caused a sinkhole right next to a recent sewer pipe replacement project. >> time for a check on the forecast. it is thursday, so that means the weekend is almost here. >> and we have piled on some warmer temperatures. >> i would like that.
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>> we will take it. >> all right, we are taking a look at the bay bridge right here trying to tell me it looks like fireflies but remember when pac-man, they would chase each other? i am really dating myself. a real intense game of pong is even worse. that means i am older. our high temperatures: starting off in the 70's and dropping all the way down into the 50's by next week. although march starts tomorrow we are still going to have a bit of winner later in the forecast. it is calm everywhere with seven miles per hour in concord and fairfield and that is it. today, we are starting off cloudy and mild and mid-to-upper 40's, and increasing sunshine, and temperatures in the 60's, mid-60's to near 70 away from the coast and upper 50's this afternoon and sprinkles in the
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north bay on saturday and the rest of us are going to get the cooler weather on sunday. >> good morning, everyones we are going to san leandro a new accident, a hit-and-run accident southbound 880 on the right shoulder so you are not seeing too much slow traffic but you could at the scene as it is cleared out southbound 880. back to the santa cruz mountains we have an accident north 17 at redwood estates the car is off the embankment with a tow truck blocking the right lane of traffic that will be cleared shortly with no injuries involved. and the bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights and it is moving smoothly into san francisco this thursday morning. >> next, how 49ers quaterback kaepernick, and first lady are teaming up to try to get kids to get healthier. >> a historic day in rome, pope benedict xvi will literally ride into the sunset this afternoon,
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the final
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back at 5:13. the clock is counting down in vatican city, the pope benedict is in the final hours of his ruling meeting in a ceremony with the cardinals. for more on the pope's final farewell we go to use news from
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rome. nick? >> good morning, eric, this afternoon, pope benedict will ride off into the sunset. the resignations has transformed and shocked the catholic church but today he feel as profound serenity if his soul. this morning for the first time since the middle ages a pope is meeting the successor. no one knows which of the cardinals will emerge as the next but pope benedict is promising obedience. >> he sent a clear message to the cardinals who will choose. the college of cardinals should be like an orchestra and act in arm any d harmony and agreement. he appointed half them and he showed gratitude. he chose them because they helped keep the church on a traditional path and leaves the church beset by scandals and the new pope must be capable of
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confronting them. >> they look for a successor of st. peter, obviously, they want a saint, and that is the most important credential. they also will look for someone who is a shepherd, who will guide the flock. pope benedict was more comfortable with books than with crowds and that is where he will return. today he says he will disappear from public view dedicate himself to prayer and meditation. >> he will try and make himself invisible in these days and allow the cardinals to focus on the successor. >> this afternoon, the pontiff will leave the vatican for the retreat and he will wave from the balcony and shut the door, he will remain "hidden" for the rest of his life. back to you. >> thank you very much. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the farewell to pope benedict. we will have a special report
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live from vatican city at 7:45 this morning. >> the public opening of the new bay bridge span goes on as planned labor day weekend but officials have not decided if people should pay to walk on the bridge. the bay area toll authority has approved a $5.5 million in toll funds to cover security, first aid and crowd control. participation is limited to 120,000 people whether sign up in advance with officials considering a $5 charge to offset the costs. a decision on that will be made next month. >> finally, a perk that will not break the bank, united is offering passengers a federals-class perk called "premiere access" you can breeze through the security for $9 but only a limited number of that is sole at a time is regular elite passengers are not held up. united is launching a new luggage service called "bags v.i.p." so for a fee they will take your bags to the door.
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>> so you pay the first-class ticket fee and then the $9. >> if you have a regular economy ticket, and you pay the extra $9 you get the breezing through security. >> now, how about the food on the plane? >> i don't think you want that anyway. >> and the warming trend starts snowed. >> absolutely. maybe you could be grilling and chillin' getting into the next couple of days with spring fever. live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry right now with a couple of hours a few sprinkles across the north bay, but nothing measurable hitting the ground enough to make sue mad because she washed her car yesterday. it didn't get the car dirty, did it in. >> yes! >> really? no, she is being mine. san francisco, 49 right now and redwood city and 42 in palo alto and 45 in san mateo and half moon bay at 48.
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on the east bay, it is fairly clear if the east bay hills, oakland is 48 and walnut creek at 46 and richmond at 49, and antioch the warm spot at 51 and 43 in union city. in the south bay we have 45 degrees at san jose and cupertino is 42, and mountain view is 46 and morgan hill is 44 and fill provide at 38 and the north bay in the mid to upper 40's from 46 at petaluma and santa rosa and 47 in napa and novato at 48. what will happen today? we have a rush of warm air which creates the clouds and the sprinkles overnight. that will taper headed through the afternoon. it will be sunny and warmer with sprinkles possible on saturday night and our best chance of rain in a long time but we have to wait until wednesday. here is the warm air surging in and this area of high pressure to the east we will push this cloud cover to the north so we
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will be sitting in the warmer air mass a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday putting us in the upper 60's to low 70's, in the santa clara valley, and same thing on the peninsula, a lost 68's, and milbrae at 63 and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast to low-to-mid 60's along downtown and south san francisco, through the north bay valley upper 60's to low 70's and mid-to-upper 50's at your beaches and the beaches will not be so breezy as yesterday. mid-to-upper 60's along the east bay shore and mainly low 70's in our east bay valley. tonight, the temperatures are mild again, and low-to-upper 40's inland, and upper 40's to low 50's around the bay and out to the coast. here is the accweather seven-day outlook, the warmth peaks tomorrow and cooling trend on saturday with sprinkles in the north bay in the evening and overnight and cool and breezy sunday but nothing compared to monday and tuesday and wednesday with highs in the 50's and rain.
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>> just a few sprinkles on the windshield, washed the car, though, and it looks good. in san leandro we have a hit-and-run accident that is cleared to the shoulder, and traffic is getting by okay and a tow truck will be there shortly on the scene. the santa cruz mountains the accident tow truck is taking its time to get the truck off an an embankment. otherwise, on the mass transit on this thursday morning, everyone is getting off, on time. kristen and eric? >> having trouble finding what you want at walmart? we will tell yes if the bloomberg business report. a huge night for warriors guard scoring the most point by any nba player this whole season. 49er quaterback kaepernick teams up with the first lady. why the unlikely pair is getting together for an important mission. >> today at 3:00 on katie what
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>> welcome back at 5:23, san francisco 49ers kaepernick will team up with first lady to promote physical education in schools. kaepernick led the 49ers to the super bowl after becoming the starting quarterback midway if the season. kids need an average of 60 minutes of physical activity each day to stay healthy but they are spending seven or more hours in front of a screen. what? really? only nine states require recess in elementary schools. kaepernick will talk about how physical education helped him.
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>> and madison square garden was lit up for an nba high 54 points, but that was not enough to win, with the warriors losing to the knicks. with david lee with a suspension, it was up to him and he drained 11, three-pointers but warriors still lost. 594 points is a career high and the most points scored at garden since michael jordan topped in 55 in 1995! >> stepping up in that big arena. wow. >> emergency costs can be a big headache and headaches for the largest retailer. >> here is jane king with the momberg business report. >> good morning, having trouble finding what you want at walmart? the largest retailer is having trouble restocking the shelves
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as they try to switch back to offering a variety of merchandise following a failed attempt to get back to basics. one up employee says there are empty stores in every store and it looks like stores are going out of business. >> good luck if you are looking for a cure for medical costs. a study in the "wall street journal" says a sprained action killing treated at the e.r. can be between $4 and $24,000 and a headache can be $15 up to $18,000. people uninsured are billed at the highest prices. >> for get hitting the books, maybe students should be playing more video. surgeons learning how to operate small cameras do better if they play wii games like tennis. at the new york stock exchange for the bloomberg business report. >> that is why i let my kids play wii on the weekends so they can practice their surgeon skills. >> exactly. never thought of that.
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we will practice our weather forecasting skills right now with our instructor, mike nicco. >> good morning. we are looking at san jose, 280 and 17, a little cloudy down there but not as cloudy as in the north bay with temperatures today from one to two degrees warmer than yesterday with mid-60's in san francisco and upper 60's to low 70's for most of us. we had a few sprinkles in the afternoon hours and they were hitting around midnight to 2:00 or 2:30 and now they are gone and radar is showing the best runs across the northern part of our state and they will stay there for the better part of the day. low-to-mid 70's through the stream and 62 in yosemite and near 80 in southern california. >> we have a new situation developing in benicia southbound 680 at industrial, two cars and a big rig and a pickup truck in various lanes, so you will find and low traffic, benicia, southbound, 680 at industrial.
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now at look at santa cruz mountains this accident, finally, clear out of the lanes north bound 17 at redwood city estates we will clear that out and traffic will slow. back to san leandro at marina southbound 880 there was a hit-and-run accident which is on the right shoulder. kristen and eric? >> jimmy kimmel is starting a new trend after oakland raiders was arrested for criminal mischief. he had a rather interesting mug shot. >> i would intentionally get arrested so i could re-do the mug shot if i were him. but...looks like an annaconda in the middle of digesting a rabbit. remember tebowing? i would like to start a new one "desing." >> we want to see jimmy do that. it airs weeknights at 11:35 at
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the new time following abc7 news at 11 and then "nightline." >> 5:27. just ahead, the santa cruz community comes together to honor two fallen police officers as new details emerge into the tragedy. >> an important vote for bart commuters as officials consider knee increases and how much
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:30, thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> mike nicco has a look at the forecast. >> we will start with live doppler 7 hd. welcome to thursday. we had a few sprinkles while you were sleeping in the north by but live doppler 7 hd is not showing radar returns. we will talk about temperatures, we are 50 in san francisco and antioch and everyone else in the
5:29 am
mid-to-upper 40's but for los gatos and livermore at 412. through the afternoon we will see increasing sunshine and high clouds from time to time and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's around the bay and upper 60's to low 70's inland and not so breezy at the cost but temperatures same at yesterday, mid-50's to 60. >> we are going now southbound 680 at still, big rig, two cars and a pickup, on the right shoulder and center divide, so, no actual lanes are blacked but you have slow traffic with a lot to look at, benear south 680 at industrial to marina boulevard in san leandro with an early hit-and-run accident at southbound 680 that is cleared and we will look at muni, bart, caltrain off to a great start for everyone. kristen and eric? >> 5:31. developing news from santa cruz, officials are holding another news conference today to address unanswered questions in the
5:30 am
murders of two application -- two police detectives. we are live in santa cruz with more. cornell? >> this is a moving memorial tribute that grows at santa cruz police headquarters, people continue to bring flowers and candles and cards and a fitting memorial to two police officers killed in the line of duty. last night an outpouring of emotion as the community came together as one to mourn, to share thoughts and prayers about two courageous police officers, debtive sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler ambushed and killed bit suspect goulet on tuesday. many say the officers' bravery will never be forgotten. >> we were feeling very sad for the police officers and we went over and prayed. >> i was getting lots of e-mails from the neighbors, what can we do? how can we help? we need to talk. this was the best way we felt
5:31 am
with the community coming together, though speeches, no nothing, just come and be with each other. >> we have learned some chilling details about what happened on tuesday. the 35-year-old suspect goulet wore body armor and fired on the officers when they came to his home. they took their guns and stole sergeant baker's car. he would later be killed in a gun fight with police. santa cruz police officers returned to the job today after taking yesterday to mount their colleagues, the santa cruz sheriff has been patrolling the city on their of behalf. we are live in santa cruz, cornell bernard. >> wear learning more about the past of goulet and we obtained documents from the pentagon detailing his six career service in the marine corps where he was military police officer and in the army if three years as a pilot of blackhawk helicopters and received several medals including being a sharp shooper
5:32 am
but was convicted of being a peeping tom in oregon the he lived in berkeley where the former neighbor considering moving arm after learning of his criminal past. i heard rumors, google this guy. i did and i saw his picture and i was shocked. >> santa cruz police arrest logs show he was picked up on friday for disorderly conduct alcoholling alcohol. his father said the officers were at his son's house to question him about making advances at a coworkers' home and breaking into the home. hundreds have sent condolences on our facebook page. >> new this morning, bart riders are ready to dig deeper into the pockets, the directors are meeting this morning to vote on a long-term plan to increase fares and parking fees, our
5:33 am
reporter is live with reaction. amy? >> it is not popular with the riders we have spoken with this morning, here is a look at the proposed fare increase, if you are currently paying $3 that goes to $3.2 and they are talking about increasing what you pay for parking by 50 cents every six months. it is the pack fee that seems to be the most controversial pitting the bart directors from the suburbs against those would live in the city. the bart budget is looking pretty good, the agency has a surplus and that has some riders much jamming -- scratching their head. >> if they have a surplus, they can divert the money into that and save us money, long-term especially in this economy. >> i can nod their increase but the parking increase is fair because it is discrimination
5:34 am
because not everyone has parking. i am against the parking increase. >> the increases that help their long-term budget shortfall they are expecting to have. they say they know they need new trains and they need more trains and that is all going to be expensive so they are plan now and this plan would include rate increases through 2020. the vote is scheduled for this morning. there was not much outcry a couple of weeks ago so it has a good chance of passing. >> 5:36. new this morning, pope benedict bid a final farewell to the cardinals as he prepares to leave the cat van -- vatican and go into retirement. he said he would pray for the cardinals as they choose the successor. around 8:00 this morning, the pope will leave the palace and fly to the retreat.
5:35 am
at 8:00 our time, st. mary's cathedral will celebrate a mass of thanksgiving with the resignation officially in affect at 11:00 our time this morning. stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the farewell to pope benedict and abc will have a special report live from the vatican starting at 7:45 this morning. >> pg&e is doubling investment in san francisco spending $1 ask 2 billion to address safety concerns, and that is part of the utility five year plan to repair aging infrastructure after what the head of them called "rock bottom "identity natural gas pipeline explosion that killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. >> three teens have been arrested in a cyber bullying case related to the hummer mom case. she was arrested for parole
5:36 am
violation after completing a sentence for having sex with two four-year-old boys and hero arrest coincided with cyber threats targeting one of other original victims. the three teens arrested are friends of her children and that the mother has not been connected. >> the superintendent of a school board has been fired after the handling of a special education teacher convicts of kicking a five-year-old student with autism, and they say they need new leadership. there will be an interim taking over. >> and now a weather check. how warm is the weather going to get today? >> mike? >> very spring like is how warm we will get. here is a look from the roof camera, you can see the lights look exciting this morning, and they have been going up-and-down and running and chasing each other, and it has been fun to watch. here are our temperatures as you
5:37 am
step out the door you will notice the difference and you may notice the difference last night. four degrees warmer in mountain view and san jose and double digits in napa and half moon bay and six degrees warmer in oakland and hayward so the temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 40's with a lot of high clouds. the clouds will thin out by noon and we are in the upper 50's to mid 60's already a nice afternoon developing as we hit 70 around our inland neighborhoods and 66 around the bay and 58 at the coast and not so breezy and we will be mostly clear but mild tonight and 52 at our beeps and upper 50's for the rest of us, and may not need a coat. friday it will be the warmest day but headed to the benches there is rough surf so sprinkles are possible in the north bay as we transition to cooler weather if sunday. have a great day. sue? >> we are going back, now, to benicia where c.h.p. is updating
5:38 am
their information. it is a multi-vehicle crash on the center divide and the right shoulder and southbound 680 at industrial you can see slow traffic approaching the scene and a flatbed truck and several cars are involved so southbound 680 at industrial benicia, problems there and southbound 680, an early hit-and-run accident on the shoulder but no significant slowing beyond that scene and we have road work eastbound 580 from greenville to north flynn with the commute direction westbound slow from the central valley. that road work in lanes until 11:00 this morning. kristen and eric? >> 5:40. coming up, san francisco muni is getting ready to offer free rides for certain folks. ahead how this unique experiment could impact schools across the city. >> what is happening today in the sierra that could further raise fears of a drought.
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a family in concord is grateful after finally speaking
5:42 am
to the son they believe was missing in peru. yesterday, the family of garrett hand thanked the embassy in peru and the media for locating garrett and his girlfriend, jamie neal. the couple from oakland is bicycling in south america and they lost contact in january. they were found safe in a remote area near ecuador. >> starting tomorrow 20,000 zoom school kids in san francisco ride muni for free. low-and-middle income kids under 18 can register for passes an experiment that comes amid cuts to school bus service. some kids say money is so tight they feel they have to risk sneaking on without paying. >> it is hard to think about breaking a dollar and sometimes thinking about what you are going to do, so you either walk or take the risk. >> the free passes are being funded by $1.6 million in regional grant money.
5:43 am
officials say they hope it cuts down on truancy. >> state regulators meet to set dates for salmon fishing. the fish had a record run last year at 300,000 salmon returned to spawn and 284,000 made it to the sacramento river. the numbers fall short of predictions by the biologists. the meeting begins at 9:00 a.m. at sonoma county. >> snow is being measured in the sierra over fears of a drought. in january and february, they have been the most dry on record since 1920. snow melt is critical to filling the reservoirs. surveys suggest that we do not have enough. speakers predict the state will only be able to deliver 40 percent of our water this year and that could change, however, with more winter storms. hopefully, a few more on the horizon. >> couple more, but how big and
5:44 am
how much rain, and snow, i saw several irrigation systems going on right now on the way to work. so it is dry. >> imagine, the snow anyway will come in around mid-to-upper 50's, maybe 58 percent, possibly the not good. live doppler 7 hd shows it is quiet. a few sprinkles overnight if you see a little bit of water on the car in the north bay that is reason. the two hot spots to the north, this is where the next system is moving, more to the north although we are getting a few high clouds we will see increasing sunshine in the afternoon hours. if you are headed to the mid-atlantic, or the notes, -- or the northeast you can see some flurries so check ahead for flight delays. mainly in the 40's to 50 degrees and that is the case everywhere,
5:45 am
40 in santa clara, and walnut creek 46 and pleasanton at 41, and san leandro and belmont at 47 degrees. we have clouds this morning. we will have increasing sunshine and warmer temperatures this afternoon. it will be cloudy at the coast and the rest of us are clear, and we have one system that will bring us sprinkles to the north bay on saturday and a better chance of rain on tuesday and especially on wednesday. temperatures are in the south by are upper 60's to low 70's and stroud a warmer spot at 73 degrees. we will be at 69 in san jose. we will have a lot of mid-to-upper 60's in the peninsula and a cooler spot is a breeze coming through and upper 60's to near 60 along the coast and low-to-mid 60's for downtown and south san francisco, and 66 in sausalito and 68 to 71 for the north bay valleys and your beeps, also, in the mid-to-upper
5:46 am
50's but not so breezy. 65 to 68 degrees is our spread along the east bay shore, and we will have 67 in san ramon and everyone else in the low 70's in the east bay valley and we will talk about temperatures tonight being mild again, and low-to-mid 40's inland and upper to low 50's around the bay and to the coast. so we have a warm front surging today, and we be in the thick of the eat -- heat tomorrow and well hold on to the 70's saturday and 60's could be gone by the chance of rain next week. >> we are going back to benicia with an update of a multi-vehicle accident with a flatbed truck and now the left lane is blocked while it is cleared. it was in the center divide and emergency crews are now on the scene and south 680, at industrial, it is very slow approaching the scene as you make your way toward the benicia area. back to san leandro an accident
5:47 am
on the shoulder, south 880 at marina and we have road work in lanes, north 280 that until 7:00 this morning, and the san mateo bridge, the brake lights are headed in the westbound direction with a little bit of slowing moving to san mateo. kristen and eric? >> a new social network called next door is helping neighbors fight crime. police ds are taking note and belmont tracked down and arrested a man driving around exposing themselves and that has gotten the attention of silicon valley investors to the tune of $40 million and the executives will use the money to >>guest: expand. >> study by researchers shows the cost of emergency care really varies by tens of thousands of dollars at different hospitals. out of pocket charges for a sprain or a muscle strain can cost as little at $4 or up to $24,000 depending where you go. headache treatment is from $15
5:48 am
to $17,000. and a urinary tract infection could cost you $50 or up to $73,000. the study calls for more transparency in emergency care charges. >> up next, the new scam targeting pet owners and people would fly. >> call it indecent proposal, bay area city getting a cash offer that is making some people blush. >> c.e.o. cook with after hour stock slide if this cupertino
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>> it is enjoy 5:53. sausalito police investigated a rash of burglars after thieves hit a dozen homes and businesses in the last month, homes on booker and santa rosa avenue have been targeted in 30 days and the burglaries break winds or pry on the glass doors. sausalito police department are adding extra patrols after five businesses were hit. >> we bizarre new scam involving dogs and the sfo airport saying the health care department is giving away dogs and all you have to do to get your free pet pay the cost of travel and vaccine. the airport doesn't even have such a department.
5:52 am
and it is not connected to the scam. for a link to the government's information on internet fraud, grow to our website at abc7 news and click on "see it on tv." >> and now a lot of chuckles in woodside on the if peninsula because the mayor got an offer for $11.5 million if the town would change its name to "" and it is the former home of steve jobs and another billionaire lives there and they want the town to put up a statute of playboy founder hugh hefner but the officials don't see that happening. >> tens of thousands of catholics bets on the next pope. there are millions of dollars, list rally, riding on where the new pope will come from, current odd favors peter turkson from ghana 11-4 but you can get in on
5:53 am
this, you cannot, because it sill legal to bet on the pope in the united states because we consider it appear -- an election. >> what about in nevada? >> we will see what the weather looks like. >> good morning, we will on the weather window with the light on the bay bridge make spectacular design. as far as temperatures compared to average, we will be from three degrees warmer in average in san jose to livermore at nine. look at wealth of upper 60's to low 70's across the board, and sun comes up at 6:42 and set on the warmer-than-average day at 6:03. radar is quiet with a few blips around midnight to 2:30 and a few sprinkles in the north bay and the best chance of rain is near eureka and crescent city and the spilling of clouds over tahoe at 54 and through the central valley and low-to-mid 70's and southern california
5:54 am
upper 70's in los angeles and palm springs near 80. sue? >> we closer to home and we have a problem spot in benicia an accident remains in the last lane, and there are multi-vehicles involved include ing a flatbed truck in benicia southbound 680 with very slow traffic and you can see it is very slow approaching the scene and we have road work out there, eastbound 580, greenville to north flynn westbound is jammed moving to the altamont pass. >> forget skinny super models. bigger girls can mean big we profits. a study from britain says women are less likely to buy products that are sold by models and celebrities because thin women make consumers feel bad. researchers say a better way to increase sales is to use a more subtle image. as for male consumers the credit
5:55 am
is yogurt that is promises to strengthen your muscles and it is now called "grow-gurt." >> you do not have to do crunches, just magic, you have abs. >> we are a day away from massive federal spending cuts and the impact in the bay area if lawmakers can not reach a deal. >> but, first, a town torn apart by tragedy ahead how santa cruz is coming together following the shooting deaths of two police officers. later, what are you doing to protect yourself from identity theft? we check out popular safeguards and tell us whether they are worth th
5:56 am
the magic begins when jif fresh roasts peanuts to make peanut butter so deliciously creamy. ♪ it can even be a game changer. that's why choosy moms and dads choose jif.
5:57 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> now at 6:00, santa cruz
5:58 am
sorrow, the beach side community is coming together as investigators are ready to release new details on the gunfight that claimed two lives of officers. thank you for joining us. >> first up a check on the weather forecast. mike? >> i have live doppler 7 hd showing a lack of radar returns compared to the sprinkles while you were sleeping. a forecast, first, we start in the bay. we will talk about temperatures that are mild this morning because of cloud cover and 49 and high clouds and sunshine and 61 at noon. increasing sunshine and 63 at 4:00, and a mild evening at 57 degrees. our inland valleys frost free this morning, and most of us in the low-to-mid 40's and milder with mid-60's at noon and warmer at 4:00, with sunny conditions and upper 60's and near 70 and who need as jacket in the evening when it is 59 degrees in at the beaches we have hazy
5:59 am
conditions, with clouds this morning and trait. we will see them thin to partly sunny skies and 58, and not so breezy with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and the clouds will longer longer at the coast at 52 in the evening. have a great day. sue? >> we are going back to benicia and that is the problem spot for the commute, southbound 680 at industrial multi-vehicles big rigor pickup flatbed truck involved blocking the left lane, center divide and right and backed to southbound 680. in san francisco, this is road work until 7:00, north 280, you may fine slow traffic coming into the city in that area. and the bay bridge toll plaza, minor delays for cash-paying folks. kristen and eric? >> developing news from santa cruz, we should get new details in the deadly shooting of two veteran officers at


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